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small hinges SCE principal Rachel D. Graham formerly served as Director of Marketing for the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, the accredited economic development organization (AEDO) for the nine-parish Baton Rouge region Area.

As part of BRAC’s marketing staff, she helped carry out the core strategies of The Creative Capital Agenda, BRAC’s five-year initiative designed to deliver a highly-professional and proactive, nationally-competitive regional economic development program for the businesses and families of the Baton Rouge area. Rachel oversaw the overall management of the BRAC brand and image, including advertising, communications, public relations, and social media. Specifically, she oversaw the publication of Catalyst, the organization's quarter report to investors.

Additionally, she led a focused creative team - working  closely with the organization's executive vice president - in producing the Creative Capital Agenda, the organization's five-year strategic plan for regional economic growth and development.